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Burglar Alarms & Home Security Products

Burglar Alarms & Detection

Each year, over 5 million families are victims of burglary or home invasions. We understand how frightening these events can be, resulting not only in loss of possessions and costly repairs, but also leaving you and your family feeling violated and vulnerable. Don’t let your family become a statistic – let Premier Security provide 24/7 protection of your home and loved ones with our state-of-the-art home security products and services.

Premier is the Leader in Home Security

signWe provide you with a free, no obligation security review, and will work with you one on one to assess the security vulnerabilities of your home. We then work with you to design a custom security solution that best meets your needs. Premier designs, installs, monitors and services a full line of home security systems and services ranging from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, video surveillance and much more. We offer the latest technologies in home security, including wireless monitoring, mobile alerts, app and web-based remote control, and remote video surveillance.

Save Up to 5-20% on Your Homeowner’s Insurance!

Did you know that having a security system installed in your home can save you up to 20% on your home insurance? Why wait? Call Premier Security today to schedule your free, no obligation security consultation.

Wireless Monitoring Home Security Systems from Premier

In the event that your phone line goes down, or you decide to cancel your landline phone service, Premier Wireless Security Monitoring provides uninterrupted security protection for your home.

If your phone line goes down, either due to an outage or being cut by an intruder, Premier Wireless Monitoring is there to keep you protected. Premier Wireless Monitoring is a reliable communications solution that automatically sends a wireless signal to our Central Station to report all alarms, instantly and securely. No security system is complete without Premier Wireless Security Monitoring.

i_WTK5504No Phone Line? No Problem!

  • Save money by canceling your phone service
  • No need to worry about phone outages or intentional phone line cuts
  • Alarm signals are received instantly and securely to our central station

Contact us today at 1-855-669-9336 to learn more about Premier Wireless Security Monitoring.

The Best Video Surveillance System for Southwest Ohio Homeowners

158To schedule a free home security evaluation, please call Premier Security at 1-855-669-9336. We provide a variety of home surveillance system products including home security cameras, wireless video surveillance equipment, and much more. Our home security specialists will work with you to provide the best home video surveillance system solutions in central Ohio that best fits your needs.

Benefits of Premier Video Surveillance

Home video surveillance can vary in appearance and function. However, most video surveillance systems are meant to prevent or detect unlawful actions to your property, as well as ensure the physical well-being of your family. Below are some of the most common advantages of a home video surveillance system:dome

  • Monitor a Second Home
  • Observe Unsupervised Repairmen
  • Watch Over Elderly Relatives
  • Check on Babysitters and Housekeepers
  • Baby Monitoring and Observation of Children
  • Keep an Eye on Pets

Home Video Surveillance Security Products

iPhone-6-4,7-inch-Three-colors-MockupThe Federal Bureau of Investigation has determined that a burglary occurs every 8 seconds in Ohio. That’s a lot of crime! You need to protect your family and your personal property from these unfortunate, yet frequent burglaries.

The good news is you can prevent your home from property crimes with a video surveillance system from Premier Security. Our video surveillance systems allow homeowners in Ohio to view their home while away.

Premier Security will install up to sixteen video security cameras inside or outside your home so that you can watch over and record your property 24/7. Our video surveillance systems can be accessed through a free App or through an internet capable device.

Remote Access Home Security Systems by Premier Security

Remote Access Home Security Systems

lockAccess Your Home Security System Anytime, Anywhere!

As technology brings the world closer together, the need to feel connected is a reality today. With Premier Connect you can now utilize the internet to control your security system in real time. Whether you’re across the street, across town, or across the country you can use the internet, PDAs, cell phones, or any other web enabled device to access your home security system. And now with Premier Connect Video you can view your home from an internet capable device including most smart phones!

iVisionWith Premier Connect Remote Access, you can remotely:

  • Arm and check the status of your home security system
  • Disarm and silence your home security system
  • Change alarm codes if compromised
  • Add or remove users
  • Receive SMS text-messages or emails of certain events

With Premier Connect Video, you can remotely:

  • View your home while away
  • Keep an eye on your second home
  • Watch your pets while at work
  • Receive emails or texts with videos of any motion activity

Learn More About Remote Access Home Security

To schedule a free home security evaluation, please call Premier Security at 1-855-669-9336. Our home security specialists will work with you to provide the best home security solutions in central Ohio.

Fire Protection Home Security & Fire Alarm Products

Fire Protection Home Security

i_FSA-210A home fire can be a scary, dangerous and sometimes tragic situation. Fire protection can be added to your Premier home security system, helping to alert your family and the fire department of a fire. Every second counts when it comes to a home fire and Premier can design a home security system that will provide you and your family the valuable time needed to evacuate the home.

The Best Fire Protection for Ohio Homeowners

To schedule a free home security and fire protection assessment, please call Premier Security at 1-855-669-9336. We provide fire alarm control panels, local fire monitoring, carbon monoxide detection and more. Our fire protection specialists will work one-on-one to provide the best home security system and fire protection solutions in Ohio and Michigan.

Home Automation Security System – Premier Home Control

Trust Premier to secure your home and provide smart home services. Premier Home Control allows for you to utilize a touch screen keypad while at home or Premier Connect on your smart phone while away. Our home automation allows for lighting, lock, and thermostat control which all integrates with your security system. Premier Smart Home provides not only security but adds energy savings, comfort and convenience.