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Video Surveillance Security for Business

158The Federal Bureau of Investigation has determined that a burglary occurs every 8 seconds in Ohio. That’s a lot of crime! You need to protect your employees and your business property from these unfortunate, yet frequent burglaries.

The good news is you can prevent your business from property crimes with a video surveillance system from Premier Security. Our video surveillance systems allow business owners in Ohio to view their business while away.

Premier Security will install video security cameras inside or outside your business so that you can watch over and record your property 24/7. Our video surveillance systems can be accessed through a free App or through an internet capable device.

iPhone-6-4,7-inch-Three-colors-MockupBurglar Alarms & Burglar Detection for Business

Businesses trust Premier Security to keep their people and property safe and secure. We offer a broad range of burglary detection products and services to protect your property employees, and customers. We take the time to get to know you and your business, and identify your security risks. Premier then designs a custom security system that best fits your unique business needs and provides superior protection against theft and loss.

Benefits of Burglary Detection:

  • Burglar alarm systems, featuring door, window, motion and glass break sensors to protect your business from burglary and vandalism.
  • Wireless systems provide superior protection and communication to our Central Station.
  • Keep your inventory from walking off. Not all security threats originate from the outside, so let Premier strategically place security devices that deter both external and internal theft.
  • Panic buttons provide you and your employees the peace of mind knowing that help will arrive fast in the event of a hold-up or emergency.
  • Built on an open platform, our systems integrate seamlessly with existing security systems.

Wireless Security Monitoring for Business and Home by Premier Security

WT5500-WT5500P-FRE-4_LIn the event that your phone line goes down or is cut, Premier Wireless Monitoring provides uninterrupted security protection for your business or home. As burglars become more sophisticated they often cut the phone line before breaking in. Premier Wireless Monitoring is a reliable communication solution that automatically sends a wireless signal to our Central Station to report all alarms, instantly and securely.

Fire Alarm System Testing & Fire Inspection Service

Premier Security provides Installation, Testing and Inspection services that ensure your fire alarm system continues to operate the way it was designed.

Access Security System

As technology brings the world closer together, the need to feel connected is a reality today. With Premier Connect you can now utilize the internet to control your security system in real time. Whether you’re across the street, across town, or across the country you can use the internet, PDAs, cell phones, or any other web enabled device to access your security system. And now with Premier Connect video you can view your business from an internet capable device including most smart phones!

With Premier Connect Remote Access, you can:


  • Arm and check the status of your security system
  • Disarm and silence your security system
  • Change alarm codes if it has been compromised
  • Add or remove users
  • Receive SMS text-messages or emails of certain events

Premier Connect Remote Access can be added to most security systems. Please contact a security specialist at 1-855-669-9336 to get started.

Access Control Security Systems by Premier Security

Access control is a security system feature that controls access to areas and resources throughout a commercial property. Premier Security can design and install an integrated access control security system for the total management of your commercial building.

A fully-integrated access control security system will allow management to control and monitor access of your staff using proximity cards, combination pin, or biometric readers. Access control points can be anything from a door, elevator or other physical barriers in which access can be electronically controlled.

Benefits of Access Control Security:

  • The ability to control access by individual door, area or a time schedule
  • Avoid the expensive problem of re-keying your commercial building and office doors
  • Prevent access by former employees, or restrict employees to certain areas
  • Onsite reporting of both authorized and unauthorized access attempts

Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation security consultation and learn more about our managed access control security systems.

Fire Protection Security

firlite alarmWhen it comes to fire, seconds count. Whether you are at work or offsite, a Premier Security fire protection system detects the first signs of danger and prevents loss of life and property damage. In the event that smoke or fire are detected at your business, sirens immediately alert building occupants of the danger and the system send an urgent signal to our Central Station operators who quickly dispatch the fire responders to extinguish the fire and move occupants to safety. All Premier fire protection systems are monitored by our UL-listed Central Station. Our experts work with you to ensure that your business meets local fire code requirements and tests your system regularly to ensure it is working properly.

Environmental Detection for Business

ACthiefSimply installing a security system is not just about protecting your property from a possible burglary, but also from unfortunate acts from Mother Nature. Premier Security provides security monitoring and environmental control devices that will protect your commercial property from a range of environmental occurrences.

The most common environmental detection devices monitor temperature alerts and water levels. Other environmental detection devices include power failure alerts, noise levels, floods and sump pump overflow, pipe freezing, carbon monoxide levels, humidity and more. If your commercial security system includes environmental detection, our central monitoring station can take immediate action to protect your property from serious damage.

Controlling Mother Nature with Our Environmental Detection Devices

i_WS4985Water damage to carpets, flooring, drywall and office furniture can happen quickly without proper environmental detection. If just a few hours, your property can become a nightmare of repairs. Environmental detection for your commercial security system can prevent this from a happening.

If you want complete protection for your business or home, call Premier Security today at 1-855-669-9336. Our security specialists will provide a free commercial security evaluation and provide the absolute best in environmental detection solutions

Premier provides a free, no obligation consultation to walk through your business or home and assess where your security vulnerabilities may exist. Call Premier today at 1-855-669-9336 to request a consultation and get the protection you need to keep your people and property safe and secure.